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Security is tacking significant place in the new world. ESG believes that having a complete knowledge and multidisciplinary skills are the key to success in Security missions and projects for private clients and companies as well.

ESG provides Integrative Security in varied fields (Critical Infrastructures, Aviation, Physical, Cyber, Maritime etc.), conducting Projects, Training and Technologies (such as technology to identify and overcome different threats), to strength the Public Security.

ESG operates in all areas of Security and leading large-scale projects in Israel and worldwide, according to international standard. ESG provides end-to-end solutions; we are delivering services and equipment essential to the planning, installation and configuration of Security with the latest technologies.

ESG specializes in establishing all levels of Security elements from units throughout the different components such as: special units and unique units dealing with unconventional terror and other threats.

ESG specializes in several areas within the field of Security, which is a direct result of years of assignments that have encompassed the design, planning and engineering of various projects, all completed successfully and in a timely manner.

ESG also operates in the Cyber sector and has a vast experience in providing state-of-the-art reliable and flexible solutions, which can be easily customized to all kind of telecom and IT clients.

ESG specializes in a full range of solutions for a substantial variety of critical facilities, including Data Centers, National Operations Centers (NOCs) and Security Operations Centers (SOCs).

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