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ESG provides Integrative Combat Engineering Solutions in 3 main fields (C-IEDs & Subterranean, De-Mining & Ammunition, CBRNE & Survivability), in 3 activities (Projects, Training and Technologies), Focusing in 3 circles (Detection, Protection, Neutralization) to strength the Public Security.

ESG’s areas of expertise are: Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), IED, Explosion and Ballistic Protection, Demolition and Disarmament and other explosives related fields.

ESG provides technology and solutions for all areas of its expertise, such as technology to identify and treat mines, disposal ammunition technologies, advanced robotics technologies and electronic warfare.

ESG conducts research and development in various fields, among them; study of ammunition, developing methods and technologies for mine clearance, subterranean medium, breaching, advanced ammunition & chargers for Israel Defense Industries.

ESG operates in all areas of combat engineering and leading large-scale projects in Israel and worldwide, in the area of; ammunition dismantling lines, clearing mine fields, destruction of ammunition, ammunition disposal, activities in subterranean medium and facilities protection solutions. ESG specializes in worldwide projects according to international standard.

ESG specializes in establishing all levels of combat engineering elements from units throughout the different components such as: regiments, special units and unique units dealing with unconventional terror and IED threats.

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