• BG (Res) Yossi Refaelov

    BG (Res) Yossi Refaelov

    Founder and Chairman
  • Col. (Res) Sahar Abergel

    Col. (Res) Sahar Abergel

    General Manager ESG
  • Col. (Res) Atai Shelach

    Col. (Res) Atai Shelach

    Co-Founder & General Manager HLS
  • Col. (Res) Yossi Arbiv

    Col. (Res) Yossi Arbiv

    Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer
  • Col. (Res) Rafael Dadush

    Col. (Res) Rafael Dadush

    Academy General Manager
  • Col. (Res) Avi Waserman

    Col. (Res) Avi Waserman

    General Manager IT & Cyber


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